Vaccine hesitancy among elderlies still high — Galvez

September 27, 2021

The vaccine hesitancy among the country’s elderly population remains high, particularly in far-flung and densely populated areas, vaccine czar Carlito Galvez Jr. said.

Galvez said based on the latest vaccine statistics report, only 4,316,470 or 52.29 percent of senior citizens nationwide are fully vaccinated, 3,513,060 or 42.56 percent are partially vaccinated.

He admitted that the vaccine turnout remained low compared to the earlier projections of the National Task Force against Covid-19 (NTF).

To address the vaccine hesitancy among the elderlies, Galvez, who also heads the NTF proposed to open the vaccination for the younger population.

“This is what we call a family approach. So the strategy would be vaccinating the other members of the households to create a bandwagon effect,” he said.

He added that the move will not just increase the number of vaccinated individuals per household but would also encourage the elderly to get the jab, as they see their family members getting vaccinated including children.

The vaccine czar assured the public that the country has enough supply of Covid-19 vaccines to vaccinate the younger population.

“This is just in time as we now have vaccines. We are also seeing that [based] on the list, logistics perspective, vaccine supply will never be a problem,” he added.

Galvez said the NTF has received the confirmation delivery and flight details of more than 13.24 million doses from different manufacturers.

The shipments will arrive from September 23 to 29, and will bring to 27,225,060 the total vaccine doses delivered to the country this month.

He added that the number is expected to increase, as deliveries from the COVAX facility have not yet been included, as well as those from other manufacturers with tentative delivery schedules this September.