How Carla, Rocco, Max relate to married life in new series

September 29, 2021

Carla Abellana said her personal relationships helped her put more substance to her new character on GMA Telebabad series To Have and To Hold.

“Everything that happened to us is part of what shaped us to be the people we are today,” she told the media in virtual conference for the show. “It helped me understand my character because these relationships had certain experiences and life lessons.”

Abellana plays Erica Gatchalian, a devoted, selfless wife who will do everything to keep her family together.

“I don’t identify myself in the three characters but I learned a lot from each of them. I somehow found myself in their situation… I question myself and how different married life is,” Abellana said.

At age 35, she is prepping for her role of a lifetime — as wife to boyfriend Tom Rodriguez. The couple is set to tie the knot in late October.

Abellana’s castmates, Rocco Nacino and Max Collins, who are both happily married, shared their take on To Love and To Hold.

Nacino, who married volleyball star Melissa Gohing earlier this year, admits he’s still on cloud 9. Though just newly wed, he said he deeply understands his character and that he learned much from it.

(FROM top): Rocco Nacino, Carla Abellana and Max Collins.

“As one enters into this new journey, we should accept the situation that lies ahead. You’re not the only one who gets to decide what happens to your lives. You have to always consider your partner’s opinion about everything,” Nacino said.

He plays Gavin Ramirez, a man whose personal and professional integrity will be put to a test.

His wife is Max Collins’ Dominique Ramirez who yearns for a happy family amid a complicated past.

Collins, 29, said: “Being married helped me understand certain aspects and the dynamics of what Dominique goes through.”

“Emotionally, it gives me more to work with. Being a mom and a wife made me grow… I look for different things from my character — I’m more attentive with distinct characteristics and emotions that I didn’t notice before. I have a lot more things in my jar to use.”

Collins married fellow actor Pancho Magno in 2017.

The couple was rumored to have broken up since they celebrated their son’s birthday in two separate parties.

In an interview with GMA News Online, Collins said she and Magno are focusing on their careers individually but they are “happy and that’s all that matters.”

To Have and To Hold is the story of a couple, Gavin and Dominique Ramirez, trying to save their marriage. Things take a turn for the worst when Gavin meets Erica Gatchalian and finds out that her husband, Tony Gatchalian (Rafael Rosell), has a connection with Dominique as well.

The show is directed by Don Michael Perez.

To Have and To Hold airs after Legal Wives on GMA Telebabad.