Cruising with change

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October 1, 2021

Car enthusiasts and those looking to own their very first car can get their hands on a sleek Changan Alsvin as the Chinese carmaker pushes its ongoing “Kailangan, Changan” sales promo until month-end.

With the promo, the 1.4L Alsvin 5MT variant can be had for only P361 per day, amounting to a net monthly amortization of P10,823 for 60 months, based on its suggested retail price of P579,000 and with a 20-percent down payment of P115,800.

Also, customers can drive home the 1.5L 5DCT model of the Alsvin for only P402 per day, equating to a net monthly amortization of P12,051 for 60 months, and with a 20-percent down payment of P127,800.

Moreover, Filipinos can also enjoy the premium Alsvin 1.5L 5DCT Platinum at only P429 per day with a monthly amortization of P429. This is equivalent to a monthly amortization of P12,869 for 60 months after a 20-percent down payment of P135,800.

Meet the proud Alsvin owners

As a result of the ongoing nationwide expansion of the Chinese carmaker, more Filipinos are now aboard the brand’s mission of driving change while embracing safe, wise and practical mobility at the same time.

For Alsvin owner Gina Balinuyos, deciding to buy the Alsvin is as easy as love at first sight. She added that it has been her dream to get her own car and she’s glad that she made the right decision with Changan.

“I’ve been to many car brands before. But the Alsvin was the only one I liked,” Balinuyos said, sharing that a lot of her friends and relatives have been asking about her Alsvin because of its eye-catching appearance.

Just like Balinuyos, aesthetics is also a consideration for Val Tocalo. He added that he was looking for a car that has a good price, reliability and practicality, and the Alsvin ticked the right boxes.

“Unbelievably, the Changan Alsvin is very affordable. Compare it to the more popular car brands in the market today, you won’t the Alsvin’s features in them,” he said.

This is also echoed by Romeo Nolasco, who described his Alsvin journey as “superb and very satisfying.” “It’s very smooth,” he shared.

The economical yet feature-packed Alsvin is also ideal for first-time car owners, as what customer Elmer Autriz testified, lauding his overall fast and convenient experience in owning his Alsvin — from coordinating with a Changan sales representative to finally getting the car key.

“As a first-time car owner, the features of the Changan Alsvin are very easy to understand and easy to navigate. Aside from that, the comfort of driving is there already because of the leather seats,” Autriz said, adding further that the Cruise Control feature of the car allows him to enjoy a smooth and steady drive.

Safe, wise and practical mobility

Included in Changan Philippines’ “Top 5” powerhouse vehicle line, the Alsvin is all about safe, wise and practical mobility.

This vehicle is anchored on lasting safety with features including dual front airbags, electronic stability program, blind spot camera, reverse camera, hill hold control, tire pressure monitoring system, to name a few.

The car is also equipped with futuristic and innovative features that are products of Changan’s global R&D expertise.

Just like what the proud Alsvin owners shared, the car brings practicality in the journey of car ownership. Apart from the affordable price, what complements this is Changan’s extensive aftersales services under the brand’s Vital 5, providing customers a hassle-free drive.