Escape into Wilwayco’s canvases

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October 1, 2021

Art is such an important part of our culture. Just as we use words to express feelings and thoughts, there are a gifted few who use their hands to reinterpret their thoughts into beautiful, visual creations. Such is the gift of Edwin Wilwayco.

Edwin Wilwayco and the columnist. / photographs courtesy of agile zamora

I had the privilege to escape a little from the confines of my home to visit the Leon Gallery in Legazpi Village, Makati for Wilwayco’s “Magnificat Opus 2.”

Wilwayco is an abstractionist known for using music as his muse for his works, and this is his second exhibit of a series that is directly inspired by renowned composers. For this run, his works were influenced by Bach.

(from left, clockwise): Alexander Uy and Vittorio Lim; Derek Flores; and Alex Van Hagen.

Joining me at the exhibit were some friends. Inside there were only about 15 people or less. Every guest had to show his or her vaccine card before being allowed inside and it’s by appointment.

This series is very powerful, passionate and expressive, but there was a feeling of softness to it, too. I love how the colors and strokes are all so bold but work harmoniously together. They don’t clash at all. It’s amazing. I’m glad I saw Wilwayco’s work up close and personal, which gives a different feeling from just seeing photos.

(from left, clockwise): Romana Go and Abby Teotico; Cecile Ang; Melot Sunga; Jack Teotico, Jaime Ponce de Leon and Robbie Santos; and Cocoy Cordoba and Tedrick Yau.

I invite everyone to experience this kind of “party,” where we not only get to enjoy each other’s company and conversation, but also witness Filipino culture unfold as art progresses. As always, never forget to be responsible, too. Wear your masks and keep a safe distance.

Anyway, “Wake me Up When September Ends,” as the song goes. I feel excited about October, and I’m hoping it will have lower-level restrictions.