My Innova, a dream and Rey’s electrical shop

October 1, 2021

This has to be said: This column is 100 percent brought to you by a dream I had last Friday morning. In it, I was driving my Toyota Innova along a tree-lined avenue with tall buildings on both sides, reminiscent of Buendia and Ayala Avenues in Makati City. Approaching a large intersection, I slowed to a stop right before the pedestrian lane and before I got to a full stop, my car just died. I tried to start it up again but to no avail, it was like the battery had no juice.

Without panicking, I turn my hazards on, get out of the car and proceed to traipse, yes, traipse, down the avenue towards one of the buildings. My mother apparently owns a condominium unit around the area, and I was heading there to get a key to another car that I can use to tow my stalled one. I may not have panicked when it suddenly died but I sure was getting more and more concerned over the possibility that many people would post about an abandoned vehicle in the middle of the road. Even in dreamland, going viral on social media for all the wrong reasons is not enticing. But I digress.

During brunch, I told my family about my dream. I then reminded them that the week prior, my battery light went on while I was driving along SLEX coming from Batangas. And since we were going to Batangas the following day, Saturday, my dream reminded me to have my car’s electricals checked before leaving.

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A premonition-like dream brought the author to one of her go-to automotive repair shops, Rey’s Auto Electrical Shop in Marikina.

Even before my battery light went on, I have been hearing a whining noise in the engine area which would get louder whenever I would step on the accelerator. My MoTech mechanic said it was probably a bearing problem, but he cannot be sure which part as they would have to forcibly open to find out. The battery light turning on was a blessing in disguise since it pinpointed which component had a problem; thus, saving me money and time. And I just knew the perfect place to take it to get fixed.

Rey’s Auto Electrical Shop is one of my go-to places for anything, well, electrical-related. Going there makes me giddy like a lady shoe-lover who goes to a Louboutin shop. Rey’s auto electricians are 100 percent knowledgeable, and the pricing is honest, never exorbitant. These two factors combined is what makes the shop truly a rare gem in the industry and is a testament to their staying power — they have been in business since 1984.

So, that Friday afternoon, I took my car to Rey’s in Marikina and within seconds of listening to the whining noise, they deduced that it was an alternator problem. It might be the pulley, Rodel, the electrician, said, but he would have to check first. The estimate of the costs — P2,800 for the pulley and P650 for the labor; an estimate of the time it would take — 30 minutes to an hour. I handed over my key to Denden, their very helpful supervisor, and off I went to the mall.

Going to Rey’s Auto Electrical Shop makes the author giddy like a lady shoe-lover who goes to a Louboutin shop. That is her reliable steed in the background receiving TLC from Rey’s.

After two hours, I went back to the shop, and, to my gleeful surprise, my bill was just a thousand bucks, parts and labor! Turns out, it was indeed just a bearing problem. An alternator idler bearing problem, to be exact. Apart from fixing that, Rodel also made sure to weld the rectifier to the alternator, to make sure they won’t lose contact anymore, which is the reason my battery light turned on mid-drive. To say that the service Rey’s electricians provide is impeccably polished would be an understatement.

One other thing that I love about Rey’s Auto Electrical Shop is the fact that, in all my years of going there, I have never had to deal with misogyny and condescension — two things that lady drivers often experience when going to automotive repair or car care shops. It may seem trivial, but, not hearing “oh but you’re a girl, you wouldn’t know anything about cars” or “don’t you have a boyfriend to handle this for you” or variations of those unnecessary comments, is a very welcome thing.

So, everyone, especially ladies, these are what you can expect when you go to Rey’s: No condescension, no misogyny, great prices, and just aweXome electricians who will go above and beyond to provide great service.

Having shared all these, I now would like to thank my subconscious for my premonition-like dream that reminded me to go get my car checked, and, of course, Rey’s Auto Electrical Shop for ensuring that, dream or no dream, my car won’t just die in the middle of a deserted avenue.

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