Century-old memorial home opens state-of-the-art center

October 4, 2021

Nacional, a pioneering name in the Philippines’ memorial services industry, has opened a new
state-of-the-art building to further upgrade its services in the new-normal landscape. The institution was established in 1900 and has been revered as an institution in its field of expertise.

The building is located in its old location at Araneta Avenue in Quezon City. And along with the new building is a change in the brand’s name from Nacional Memorial Homes to Nacional Chapels and Crematory.

The multi-million peso center carries a contemporary design comparable to stylish hotels and condominiums and rarely, if ever, in memorial homes.

According to Annette Estacion, Managing Director of Nacional Chapels and Crematory, “The new Nacional was designed to give the Filipino families of today a place where they can spend their final days with their departed loved ones in utmost comfort, convenience, and sophistication.

CHAPEL room. Fitting and dignified venue for celebrating life.

“We wanted to give them a unique space to celebrate the life of their dearly beloved while, at the same time, making new memories with relatives and friends. All told, the new Nacional Chapels and Crematory is really more about those who have been left behind even as it gives those who have passed on the fitting and dignified venue for the celebration of life.”

The new Nacional Chapels and Crematory consists of five floors housing 15 well-appointed chapels with variousdesigns and several sizes to suit different family preferences and to satisfy varying accommodation needs.

Nine of these chapels have family rooms with their own bedroom, dining area, and toilet and bath. Exuding a warm ambiance, these rooms provide families an extra space for rest and other important activities away from their guests.

In the new Nacional, the company gives thoughtful concern for grieving families who want to witness and oversee the process of the preparations of their dearly departed’s final journey through private viewing rooms for preparatory activities, cremation, and other services.

The new Nacional has been fitted with new state-of-the-art equipment that adhere to world-class standards and provide better, faster services.

Customer lounge.

There are also cozy lounges with comfy sofas, chairs, and coffee tables in strategic areas in the building that provide guests and visitors more options to relax, remember, and cherish their memories with their loved ones.

And for those who may want to have meaningful silence in private, several non-denominational incense rooms are available for personal devotional activities.

The Nacional redevelopment project is one of the biggest efforts in the memorial services industry in the last ten years. It started in 2018 and took three years to complete.

Lia Enriquez, president of Rosehills Memorial Management Phils. Inc., which now manages Nacional Chapels and Crematory, shares, “Careful planning and robust investment came into  achieving our goal of giving Filipino families a modern facility they can enjoy for their memorial needs without putting a strain on their financial resources.”

Rosehills is the firm that has made The Heritage Park one of the premier memorial parks in the country. The new Nacional brings the same industry-best practices and top-quality services to more Filipinos at more reasonable prices.

The full menu of services makes managing memorials as easy and worry-free, so families can focus on the truly important aspects of their final few days with their departed loved ones.

For more information, contact 8713-5231 or 09178693771.