Game for Dalgona kits and metal lunchboxes

October 4, 2021

Of course, by now, you’ve at least heard of the
survival-themed K-drama Squid Game that turns something as innocent as child’s play into an adrenaline-inducing deadly game. The South Korean series is the latest binge-worthy show on Netflix that has hooked viewers enough to make it the No. 1 series in 22 countries including the US, Philippines and South Korea itself.

Small wonder that people are also just as obsessed with obtaining Squid Game items — yes, knock-offs of the green tracker suits worn by the contestants and the red jumpsuits worn by guards are selling everywhere.

Well briefly, the fictional drama involves 456 desperate contestants who are deeply in debt and who join a contest featuring children’s games to win the grand cash prize. Unfortunately, those who lose in a game gets to be killed. One can’t quit as the same horrible fate will be given.

So wouldn’t you say Squid Game is really killing it? Here are some merchandise you can buy and bring home now.


On Squid Game, one of the challenges involved contestants having to carve out shapes from a honeycomb-like mixture called Dalgona candy, which is a popular street food snack in Korea. The task looks simple but in truth, the cookie is very fragile because it’s only made of sugar, corn syrup and baking soda. So, the goal is to cut out shapes — triangles, hearts, umbrellas, for instance — without breaking the shape itself.

Those who are able to cut the shape perfectly move on to the next level. While those who don’t, unfortunately, meet their bloody end.

The fatal consequence of cracking the thin sugar candy aside, you’ll find creating this classic candy in the comfort of your own home as still fun. The traditional cookie Dalgona-flavored lollipop is also called Bbopki, Ppopgi or dalgona, Dalgona Korean sugar candy making kit consists of nine pieces (including a scoop, spatula, bottom plate and five shape frames) per set. Available on Shopee.

Free shipping from Korea to Philppines. Price: P884.


Of course, like any other K-drama, food is always a curiosity especially among non-Koreans who are curious about cuisines. Another item that has stirred the interest of viewers is the classic metal bento box where contestants ate their meals from. In Squid Game, the lunchbox consisted of sunny-side up egg, kimchi and a small portion of vegetables as their side dish or banchan.

The retro lunchbox or bento is available in most Korean grocery stores and on Shoppee, where shipment will be made from Korea to Philippines. Price on Shoppee: Around P900.